Dear Future Delegates and Honored Advisors,

My name is Sarah Kelsey and I have both the honor and the privilege to serve as Secretary General for Kennesaw State University’s 31st High School Model United Nations Conference. It is my honor to welcome you, on behalf of the Secretariat and entire staff, to KSUHSMUN 2017.

Founded in 1986, Kennesaw State’s HSMUN Conference has grown to become one of the largest high school Model UN conferences in the Southeast United States. This is due to the high level of support we receive each year from KSU’s students, faculty, and staff in conjunction with attending high schools. The KSUHSMUN Conference strives to provide high school students with a friendly learning environment whereby students gain valuable experience and cultivate professional skills in debate, problem-solving, compromise and negotiation, and writing. Students attending KSUHSMUN are invited and encouraged to participate in constructive discussions regarding ongoing international issues and the global institutions endeavoring to find solutions. We hope to inspire and facilitate the development of global citizenship and future world leaders by encouraging delegates to explore the nuances of diplomacy and international relations, understand the inner-workings of international institutions, and recognize the nature of issues which affect all of humanity.

In keeping with these objectives, this year’s theme is “Pursuing the Sustainable Development Goals.” We look forward to challenging delegates to formulate solutions and answers for complex problems and questions facing the world today. We call upon delegates to “think outside the box” when imagining solutions and to “broaden their horizons” with non-traditional solutions while researching.

Please check this website for updates from the Secretariat and details concerning registration, position paper submissions, and delegate preparation. If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or suggestions regarding KSUHSMUN, elements of Model UN, or related subjects, please contact the Secretariat at

On behalf of the KSUHSMUN Secretariat and staff, Kennesaw State’s Department of Political Science, the College of Humanities and Social Sciences, and the Society for Global Diplomacy, thank you for your interest, participation, and dedication. We look forward to seeing you March 2017.


Sarah Kelsey
Secretary General

Justin Evans
Undersecretary General



Registration Material:
  Registration Form (See Member States list below for a list of countries still available)
  Disclaimer Form

Registration material and fees should be sent to:
  Linda Caudell

  Mailing Address:
  Department of Political Science & International Affairs
  402 Bartow Ave MB#2205
  Kennesaw, Georgia, 30144

Delegate Preparation

Each Member State is only allowed one delegate per Committee; double delegations for Member States within Committees will not be permitted.

  • Committees:
    Send all position papers to by February 17. Late papers will be accepted, with a points penalty, until February 24.
    • General Assembly Plenary
      1. Promoting Universal Access for Sustainable and Modern Energy
      2. Mobilizing Inclusive Partnerships for Sustainable Development
    • General Assembly First
      1. Nuclear Disarmament
      2. Ensuring the Protection of Human rights and Fundamental Freedoms While Countering Terrorism
    • General Assembly Third
      1. Preventing Gender Based Violence
      2. Developing a Strategy to Prevent the Radicalization of Youth
    • Security Council
      1. Combating Piracy on the High Seas
      2. Preventative Measures Against the Use of Biological Weapons and Bioterrorism
    • African Union
      1. Promoting Sustainable Ecosystems and Climate Resilient Economies: Aspirations and Implementations
      2. Developing Strategies to Protect Infrastructures in Times of Conflict
    • Arab League
      1. Developing Strategies to Settle Water Sharing Disputes between Arab States and between Arab States and non-Arab Neighbors
      2. Promoting Expansion in Non-Petroleum Sectors of the Economy
    • Economic & Social Council
      1. Improving Sanitation and Access to Clean Water
      2. Promoting Sustainable Peace by Addressing the Root Causes of Conflict
    • Commission on Population and Development
      1. Re-purposing Abandoned and Unused Facilities
      2. Improving Access to Health Services
    • Human Rights Council
      1. Promoting the Livelihoods and Education of Refugees and Displaced Persons
      2. Preventing Violence and Discrimination Based on Sexual Orientation
    • World Health Organization
      1. Developing a Unified Pandemic Response Plan
      2. Ensuring Access to Substance Abuse Rehabilitation Services
  • Rules of Procedure