Dear Future Delegates and Honored Advisors,

My name is Helen Smith, I am a junior majoring in Political Science here at Kennesaw State University, and I will be your Secretary General for Kennesaw State University’s 32nd High School Model United Nations Conference. Serving as your Undersecretary General will be Haley Bufka, a second year student and International Affairs major at Kennesaw. We are excited to welcome you to KSUHSMUN 2018, and speak for all of our staff when we say we are honored to host all of our participants on KSU’s campus.

Kennesaw State University’s HSMUN Conference has only grown in participation and prestige since we began in 1986. We aim to gather the best students from high schools in the Southeast United States to strive to provide a diverse and professional setting. With 10 committees and 97 potential member states addressing a wide range of international dilemmas, our conference provides opportunity for students of all interests to participate in topics that are engaging and relevant. We look forward to watching our participants partake in diplomatic discussions, problem solving, negotiation, and resolution writing. All those attending will have the opportunity to cultivate connections at KSU, make friends from around the Southeast, and engage in discussions concerning international issues and global concerns. All staff at Kennesaw State High School Model United Nations looks forward to facilitating active participation in international interests, encouraging our delegates to pursue their goals, and to understand the inner working of international institutions and diplomatic reasoning.

Exploring the most important topics that relate to the United Nations, this year’s theme will be “Strengthening Peacebuilding efforts; Solidifying Peace and Achieving Equity Between Nations.” With an ever tumultuous international environment, open discussion and active unified efforts are an important component of building and achieving lasting peace. We believe that the topics that fall under this theme are of high importance to the international peacebuilding agenda, and look forward to our delegates’ proposals regarding this topic.

Please check this website for updates from the Secretariat, details concerning registration, position paper submissions, and delegate preparation. If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or suggestions regarding KSUHSMUN, elements of Model UN, or related subjects, please contact the Secretariat at

On behalf of the KSUHSMUN Secretariat and staff, Kennesaw State’s Department of Political Science, the College of Humanities and Social Sciences, and the Society for Global Diplomacy, thank you for your interest, participation, and dedication. We look forward to seeing you March 2018.


Helen Smith
Secretary General

Haley Bufka
Undersecretary General



Registration Material:

The Board of Regents (BOR) of the University System of Georgia has a new policy (12.9) regarding University Programs that serve minors. Since our HSMUN conference does serve minors, we are now required to have additional documentation for students participating in the conference. Please be sure that the following forms are completed for all students you are bringing to the conference. Students will be required to submit all of these forms in order to be able to participate in the conference. We apologize for any additional inconvenience this may cause, but we must require these forms per the BOR policy. Please contact Dr. Charity Butcher (the faculty advisor) at if you have any questions.

Delegate Preparation

Each Member State is only allowed one delegate per Committee; double delegations for Member States within Committees will not be permitted.

  • Committees:
    Send all position papers to by March 2. Late papers will be accepted, with a points penalty, until March 9.
    Crisis Committee Members DO NOT need to submit a position paper.
    • General Assembly Plenary
      1. Identifying and Combating the Roots of Violent Conflict
      2. Conflict Prevention in Failed States
    • General Assembly First
      1. Strengthening International Arms Control
      2. Modernizing the Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration (DDR) Guidelines
    • General Assembly Third
      1. Advancing Technology to Assist in Peacebuilding Development
      2. Gender Inclusivity in the Peacebuilding Process
    • Security Council
      1. Avoiding the “Conflict Trap” Through Post-Conflict Peacebuilding
      2. Reformation of International Security to Protect Against Global Terrorism
    • Economic & Social Council
      1. Job Creation in Countries Emerging From Conflict
      2. Transforming War Economies in Developing Countries
    • Commission on Population and Development
      1. Integrating Local Actors into Peacebuilding Projects
      2. Transboundary Water Management
    • Human Rights Council
      1. Ensuring the Protection of Civilians in Conflict Zones
      2. Combating International Sex Trade
    • UNEP
      1. Combating Climate Change through New Carbon Markets
      2. Building Infrastructure to Protect Against Climate Change Caused Natural Disasters
    • World Health Organization
      1. Developing Concepts and Strategies to Expand Upon Health as Bridge for Peace (HBP)
      2. Preventing the Spread of Communicable Diseases in Undeveloped and War-Torn Areas
    • Crisis
      1. The degradation of peace in current crisis situations around the world. Areas and topics may include: Venezuela, South Sudan and the Taiwan Straits.
  • Rules of Procedure